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Baby’s Quiet Bag

This past weekend, we attended a 3 day convention, much of which involved sitting and listening to various talks and videos. Last year, when Milly was about 7 months old, it was quite easy as I would just nurse her and she would sleep. The times when she was awake, I’d just carry her in my arms and she was quite happy with it. 

But now! Well let’s just say it was definitely more of a struggle to keep an 18 month old sat down and happy. I did do some ‘googling’ beforehand though to see what I could bring that would help. The result was a ‘quiet bag’ that kept her busy and contented while we were sat down. 

So here’s what I included in the bag: 

  • Favourite (silent) stuffed toy – A pink turtle that my mum gave her when she was born. 

  • Notebook

  • Twisty crayons – Better than regular crayons as they can’t be broken or eaten as easily. Best emptied in to a bag. 

  • Stickers – Milly loved these! Stick them on the notebook or on baby’s hands/ crayons etc. Fun!

  • Picture books – We chose a few that she enjoys flipping through. 

  • Finger puppets – This is fine as long as you don’t start acting out a puppet show! 

  • Water colouring book – This is so cool! From Toys r us. You put water in the pen. As you use it, the colours appear. It then dries and returns to white so you can do it all over again!

  • Water bottle. 

  • Snacks – Remember to put them in a container so the packaging doesn’t disturb everyone. 

  • And of course u can always slip an iPad in there if your baby doesn’t mind listening to it on silent mode. 

The stickers and crayons were from Daiso, Rm5 each. The notebook was Rm1 from Giant (I buy a few at a time they are so cheap!) The water colouring book is from Toys r Us and it’s actually called ‘Pet Mazes Water-Reveal Pad’. One of the picture books is from MPH. I normally buy a couple more every time the sales come round. The finger puppets are from Ikea. Rm10 I think but not sure if they sell them anymore. 

Anyway, you’re probably wondering if it worked or not. Well, for the most part, Milly was good as gold. But of course, she is still an 18-month-old so we did have the odd blow out. Our quiet bag worked wonders though having her sit so we could concentrate on the convention talks. 

Oh, one last thing. We have a baby chair that ties on to the chairs we were sitting on. We have had this since she was able to sit up by herself. It has a seatbelt and also a tray that slides on. This makes it much easier for her to draw/colour/play etc. It also stops her from walking off and escaping hehe. I’m pretty sure we bought it on Lazada and it was less than RM100 I think. 

The weekend was a success and we all had a great time! Don’t give up! 😊👍🏼