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Going to Korea!

It is currently Sunday night and we are already taking the first steps in getting ready for our imminent korea trip to see Milly’s Korean grandparents and family!

I bought my korean SIM card online yesterday, which I need to pick up when I arrive at Incheon airport. We also just chose an Airbnb for the short vacation we will take with hubby’s parents to Chuncheon. And now, lay in bed, I’m supposed to be making a list of things I need to buy and then a list of things I need to pack. I find it’s always good to have lists then you don’t over do it. And also, you can add to the list when you suddenly remember something. So that’s what I’m going to do. 

If you haven’t heard, me and Milly are going a few days before daddy, then he will follow us later on due to work schedules. So we are just taking the stroller, a backpack and my diaper bag (daddy can bring all the heavy things later!) Because off this, I need to be very careful in what I pack so that I’m not lugging around a ton of weight on my back. 

I have absolutely no experience of flying alone with Milly, but I am quite excited to accept the challenge. I have been googling tips from other mummies and the main thing that they almost all advise is ‘arrive early and take your time’. So I’m planning on sticking to that. Do everything slowly and don’t get stressed. 

I’m also wondering about filming. Will I really be able to film everything when I have a 19-month-old to look after. Hmm… we will see. I’ll try my best. 

As for now, I need to get started on that list then get a good nights sleep before my last day at work tomorrow before the holiday. 

Night night (as Milly would say) ☺️

Mummy's Stories

No Time To Be Weak!

One of the hardest things I have learnt since becoming a mother is that even when you are at your weakest, on your knees, praying for a break, you can’t stop. You can’t just say ‘ok, I’m out for the next 3 hours. I’m going to go and get a hot chocolate, put a girly movie on, then take a long nap.’ No, no, no. 

And I’m having one of those days. I’m not feeling too great, I’ve got way too much running through my head and I’m going to bed but all I can think about is ‘how many times is Milly going to wake up tonight?’ And recently, she has been waking up every couple of hours. I’m not sure why. I have tried so many different tactics to train her to sleep through the night but to no avail. It has even got to the point now where me and baby are sleeping in another room just so hubby can get a good nights sleep. I think the past year and a half of running on less sleep has finally caught up with me. 

And it’s in these moments that’s you have to just stare at your little princess and remember that any sacrifices made for her and her well being are so incredibly worth it. I could wake up 10 times during the night and she still makes me smile when we finally get up in the morning. 

And that is amazing. The fact that this little human can make you feel so happy and content. It’s a wonderful feeling and one of my favourite things about being a mummy. 

How could you not smile at this gorgeous face?! πŸ’•

Milly's Days out

Immunisation Day

I always wake up with a heavy heart on immunisation days. I hate to see Milly being poked and prodded by someone other than me! But we allow her to go through it in hopes that it will keep her safe from nasty diseases in the future. Especially when living in this tropical climate, we want to do anything we can to protect our health as there are definitely more things you can catch in this hot and humid weather!

This is us currently sat in the waiting room. Milly has decided it would be a good chance for a nap. I bet she thinks if she is asleep, I won’t take her in to see the doctor haha. If only! 

Milly would normally take any injection like a champ! We usually see about 2 minutes of crying followed by her completely forgetting about it and acting normal again. It is really amazing how little she cries! Let’s see if it’s the same for today…

We are done! Not even 1 tear! She is a superstar! Even the doctor and nurse were surprised at how well she took it! The doctor is really good. You can tell she has kids of her own. The office is really colourful. There’s a play corner and tons of toys and teddies! 

This is just a few minutes after we came out of the office. She was off to play with the other kids there and completely forgot what just happened. I’m so happy! 

I remember the first time she had an injection. I had tears rolling down my cheeks, feeling so sorry for my little princess. But she seems to just be used to it now! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ

Here’s hoping we will have good health and no problems till the next check up! 

Hello up there!

baby tips

Baby’s Quiet Bag

This past weekend, we attended a 3 day convention, much of which involved sitting and listening to various talks and videos. Last year, when Milly was about 7 months old, it was quite easy as I would just nurse her and she would sleep. The times when she was awake, I’d just carry her in my arms and she was quite happy with it. 

But now! Well let’s just say it was definitely more of a struggle to keep an 18 month old sat down and happy. I did do some ‘googling’ beforehand though to see what I could bring that would help. The result was a ‘quiet bag’ that kept her busy and contented while we were sat down. 

So here’s what I included in the bag: 

  • Favourite (silent) stuffed toy – A pink turtle that my mum gave her when she was born. 

  • Notebook

  • Twisty crayons – Better than regular crayons as they can’t be broken or eaten as easily. Best emptied in to a bag. 

  • Stickers – Milly loved these! Stick them on the notebook or on baby’s hands/ crayons etc. Fun!

  • Picture books – We chose a few that she enjoys flipping through. 

  • Finger puppets – This is fine as long as you don’t start acting out a puppet show! 

  • Water colouring book – This is so cool! From Toys r us. You put water in the pen. As you use it, the colours appear. It then dries and returns to white so you can do it all over again!

  • Water bottle. 

  • Snacks – Remember to put them in a container so the packaging doesn’t disturb everyone. 

  • And of course u can always slip an iPad in there if your baby doesn’t mind listening to it on silent mode. 

The stickers and crayons were from Daiso, Rm5 each. The notebook was Rm1 from Giant (I buy a few at a time they are so cheap!) The water colouring book is from Toys r Us and it’s actually called ‘Pet Mazes Water-Reveal Pad’. One of the picture books is from MPH. I normally buy a couple more every time the sales come round. The finger puppets are from Ikea. Rm10 I think but not sure if they sell them anymore. 

Anyway, you’re probably wondering if it worked or not. Well, for the most part, Milly was good as gold. But of course, she is still an 18-month-old so we did have the odd blow out. Our quiet bag worked wonders though having her sit so we could concentrate on the convention talks. 

Oh, one last thing. We have a baby chair that ties on to the chairs we were sitting on. We have had this since she was able to sit up by herself. It has a seatbelt and also a tray that slides on. This makes it much easier for her to draw/colour/play etc. It also stops her from walking off and escaping hehe. I’m pretty sure we bought it on Lazada and it was less than RM100 I think. 

The weekend was a success and we all had a great time! Don’t give up! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ

Mummy's Stories

Wednesdays are ‘Grandma Day’!

Wednesdays are definitely a highlight of Milly’s week. Why? It’s grandma day! (Because I go to the office on Wednesdays.)

This is the day when she can basically get anything and everything she wants. She gets a full day of unadulterated attention from her second mummy. (After all, that’s what a grandma really is, isn’t it?) My mum is possible, no definitely, the best grandma in the world. Milly adores her. I wish I had a picture of her face as grandma walks through the door on a Wednesday morning. Pure joy!

Throughout the day I get sent pictures of Milly. In the bath, on the potty, eating breakfast, strutting down the street with her sunglasses on! I love it! I’m so happy knowing that she doesn’t miss me as much as I miss her. 

Style on point!

My mum is a great teacher and I often come home to a new skill, a new letter of the alphabet or a new song learnt. It’s so sweet to see that they had a great day! Today was ‘baa baa black sleep’. Not the words, but the actions. So super cute. Hopefully I can get a video of it and include in one of our YouTube videos. I think my mum has slight withdrawals on Thursday haha but we so see each other almost everyday so it’s ok. 

Since having a baby, I have come to appreciate how much hard work my mum put in bringing me up. And I now appreciate all the love she has for Milly and I hope to be a great mum just like her!

Here’s to grandmas all over the world! We love you! ❀️

Again! Again!