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Mummy’s Time… 

Well it’s not often that I get some ‘me-time’. And I’m totally ok with that because I absolutely adore being with my family and I plan to keep it that way. But… when I need my nails doing/ hair cutting/ massage, it is good to know that I have those around me (mostly my mum) who are willing to take Milly for a while and let me enjoy my time. 

So I’m on the way looking forward to a good pampering but, the thing is, when I get there, I find myself looking at the clock wondering if my princess is okay! I was once told by a mummy that she loves going to work so she can have some ‘me-time’! Well, I only go in to the office 1 day per week and I know I would much rather be at home playing with Milly, even though it’s true that it’s more tiring! The flexibility of my work allows me to do most of it at home, so when Milly takes a nap, I use that time to get it done. 

Back to the point, I love having a pampering session but I love it more when I get home and see my little girl run up to me and smile as if she hasn’t seen me all week. That is seriously the best feeling! 

Plus, my nails are looking pretty good right now, don’t you think?

(I always get my nails done at Cass Nail Salon, Sunway Giza. They have a promo for first time customers. Check them out on FB!)