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Eating healthy in Korea??

Tomorrow will mark 1 week that we have been here in Korea. Another week and a half to go before we have to leave all the delicious food and glorious weather!

But that’s just the problem… there’s too much delicious food! My brothers wedding is 2 weeks (!) after we get back to Malaysia. After all the effort I have put in to eat healthy and exercise, I really don’t want to go and blow it all now. 

If you have been to korea, you will know the perils of dieting. To explain, let me tell you how the restaurants work here. They all specialise in a certain dish. For example, one might sell BBQ beef. But then that is pretty much all they sell. So you either eat the beef or go hungry! There’s never a nice Caesar salad or grilled chicken on the menu. So unless you are eating at home all the time, I would say it is almost impossible to eat healthily! So rather than eating clean, I’m just trying to eat less. Let’s see how that goes. 

I did go for a run this morning though. And a hike this afternoon. And exercising here is much more interesting. There are rivers and streams which almost always have a running track beside them. Nice scenery, great weather! Ahhh… So I’m hoping the Active minutes are balancing out the food I’m eating. (That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!)

To be honest, though, korean food is not all that unhealthy. Of course, they have their car share of fries and sugary foods. But when it comes to dinner time, meals are often well balanced. 

This evening we ate dakgalbi, which consists of spicy chicken mixed with cabbage, sweet potato, onions, rice cakes and a sauce. This is all I cooked in a wide shallow pot. Then a bit of rice is mixed in at the end to soak up all the juice. I know for a fact that this is way healthier than burger and chips! 

Eat less. Exercise more. That’s what I’m trying!

View from the top of today’s hike!


Easiest Kimchi Stew Ever!

So there’s a new korean restaurant in Petaling Jaya called “Gangnam Oppa”, in Uptown. I don’t usually enjoy kimchi stew that much but this place does the most AMAZING version of it! So, I had to try and make it myself! 

So here is my recipe for how I imagine they made it. 

Ingredients first: 

1 pound kimchi, cut into bite size pieces

¼ cup kimchi brine

½ pound pork shoulder (or pork belly) (leave this out for vegetarian version)

½ package of hard tofu (optional), sliced into ½ inch thick bite size pieces

3 green onions

1 medium onion, sliced

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons honey (or sugar)

2 teaspoons gochugaru (Korean hot pepper flakes)

1 tablespoon gochujang (hot pepper paste)

1 teaspoon sesame oil

2 cups of stock (originally it is anchovy stock but I used chicken. You can also use beef or veg for vegetarian option)

1 packet of ramen (optional)

Ready? Ok, let’s go!


1. Get your rice cooker on! All good korean food comes with rice!

2. The first 3 ingredients in to the pot are the kimchi, onion and pork. 

3. Next slice the green onions diagonally and add them in to the pot. Don’t stir!

4. Add the salt, honey, red pepper flakes and red pepper paste. 

5. Pour in the sesame oil and stock. Don’t stir! Put the lid on and cook on medium for 10 minutes. 

6. Take off the lid and mix everything up. Add the tofu on top and continue cooking till the meat is fully cooked. 

7. As an extra (that I love) add a packet of ramen at the last minute. Yum! Serve it up with rice and enjoy!

And that’s it! How easy eh?!

To watch a video of me making this dish, follow the link here: 

Have you made this dish before? How did it go? Any ways to improve this recepi? Please let me know! 

잘 먹겠습니다! Bon appetite! 👅 


For the Love of Food!

I find it only fitting that the first official post here should be about food! Yes yes, I know I should be talking about Milly. But the fact is, I’m pretty sure our whole lives here in Malaysia revolve around ‘makan’! (that’s food in Malay). When people greet each other on the street, the first thing they say is ‘sudah makan’ or ‘have you eaten’? It’s such a big part of the culture here and I believe that after being here for over 12 years, it is now a part of mine too!


People always ask what are our favourite foods? What do we eat at home? Western food? Korean food? Malaysian food? And the answer is WE EAT THEM ALL! 😂 In the area that we live, you can get almost any kind of food you can think of within just 30 minutes drive. Plus, the supermarkets sell lots more imported products nowadays so we can enjoy our favourite cheese or kimchi. (Not at the same time!)

What about baby stuff? For most of our everyday shopping, I use Tesco delivery. It’s so crazy easy and obviously cheaper than the other imported goods. For special items like healthy baby snacks or baby cereals etc, I go to Jaya Grocer. Back in the days when we first moved here, we didn’t even have a Tesco. We just had a local mart called Giant, which was all but average. We would ask friends visiting from the UK to bring us sweet, delicious BRITISH chocolate! It would then be hidden, savored, and slowly devoured, enjoying each piece as if it was our last! Now… we just nip down to Jaya Grocer and pick up all that our heart desires! Milly is having a regular craving for dairy at the moment. She is loving her cheese and yogurts. So I regularly pick them up for her.


Our home Korean BBQ

Eating out? We love Malaysian food! Curries, noodles, rice! Yum! There is a wonderful choice of food around where we live (and we don’t even live right in the city centre!) We also love going for Korean food. Malaysia seems to still be in its ‘korean-hype’ phase, so there’s always fresh new places to eat popping up here and there. Recently, we found one called “Oppa Gangnam” and oh my goodness, it is so delicious. I’ll try and do a video on it! Ok, I’m dreaming of that now. I’ll stop. Going out with Milly is normally fairly easy seeing as she eats pretty much anything that we are eating now. There’s always some rice or chicken around if she decides that its a picky kind of day.

Eating out – Western Food!

So yes, if you happen to follow our YouTube or Instagram (links on the homepage) and you happen to notice that we eat out a lot, now you know that we kind of love our food here! And when you can get a delicious meal for RM10 each (about $2.50), you don’t need to break the bank either!

Yum yum, gotta go eat! See ya!